Kerbset and Coverslab Memorials

Bingham Kerbset and Cover Slab Rushton Kerbset and Cover Slab
All Polished Black Granite Clifton Headstone (Carved Roses) With All Polished Kerbset And Coverslab. Black Granite Vase
All Polished Black Granite Ogee Headstone (Design Optional) With All Polished Kerbset And Vase. Green Chippings
Worcester Memorial Kensington Memorial
All Polished Bahama Blue Headstone (With Heart-Shaped Cutout And Bronze Rose Design). All Polished Bahama Blue Kerbset (With Chain-Linked Posts). Aqua Glass Chippings
All Polished Black Headstone (With Carved Ribbon And Bronze Features). All Polished Black Kerbset (With Chain-Linked Posts) Pearl Glass Chippings
Bridgemere Kerbset and Cover Slab Ellesmere Kerbset and Cover Slab
All Polished Twilight Red Granite Headstone (With Carved Bridge) And Coverslab With Bahama Blue Insert And Kerbset. Carved Swans.
All Polished Bahama Blue Granite Headstone (Carved Bridge) And Coverslab With Carved Swans. Cut Out Design In Centre Incorporating Grey Chippings
Hanworth Kerbset and Cover Slab Harper Kerbset and Cover Slab
All Polished Bahama Blue Granite Bowland Headstone (Design Optional) With All Polished Kerbs and Posts. Granite Vase. Grey Chippings.
Himalayan Blue Granite With Polished Face And Pitched Edges. Granite Vase. Grey Chippings
Lenton Kerbset and Cover Slab  
All Polished Blue Pearl Granite (Design Optional). Granite Vase. Grey Chippings

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